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I specialize in TEMPORARY HOUSING SERVICES & CREATE  SHORT-TERM APARTMENT PROGRAMS  that generate ongoing revenue. 

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With over 20 years experience in corporate travel, relocation and short-term housing, The Suite Faith redefines the way you travel. The goal is to give minority executive travelers the power to define how they want to stay, through the guidance of someone who knows what they deserve. Unlike any other in the industry, your preferences are customized to your ideal experience from your travel requests, to making sure your groceries of choice are stored upon arrival.

The luxury apartments and homes come fully furnished with stunning decor, guaranteed to create comfort while making your accommodation feel like a home customized to your standards. The Suite Faith aims to not only make your experience exactly how you want it, but better than what you could imagine.  


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The key to The Suite Faith service is providing a direct and personalized touch. Knowing your needs and find the right place every single time while eliminating the hassle of searching through tons of sites.

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